Saturday, February 2, 2008

Feb 1st Book Totals...

Only one more week left to collect books and I am already thinking about next years drive. I spent the last few days taking inventory and boxing up the books so they are ready to go to Doerenbecher on the 14th... Are you ready for the total?



Can you believe it? It's amazing. I can not put into words how awesome this has been. I am looking back now not realizing how important this really was (is) to me. Each time we have stopped to pick up books, or boxed up books in my kitchen, the kids ask me to "have a turn" looking at them. I tell them that these books are for the boys and girls that are in the hospital.

This last week has been super long and happily now in the past. We started the week off with my youngest sons three year check up. He had to get a shot (or as we call it "a poke"), which always creates a bit of drama and tears. We also had a ton of snow, which in turn allows the entire living world to shut down in the Pacific Northwest.

This morning, my youngest asked me to look at one of the books, and in my usual response I told him that we were going to take these books to the boys and girls that are sick at the hospital. He asked me if the boys and girls have to get "a poke" when they are in the hospital? I had to chuckle to myself because that poke really stuck with him... I told him that yes, they do have to get a poke, and some of them have to have a lot of pokes. I continued with "it's going to be nice for them to have some good books to read while they have to get their pokes." My oldest then piped in with "I wish I would have had a good book to read when I had to get my pokes!"

How cute is that? You have to love the thought process of small children. I am really looking forward to the 14th (our delivery day). I promise to continue to share our progress through the week, and photos from our delivery day.

I told Rachel (Nina's mom), that we had a ton of books... literally, I bet we have a whole ton.

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