Thursday, January 10, 2008

Surpise Donation @ Jazzy Bagels!

Today is a wet rainy day in the Pacific Northwest. It's one of those days that you keep the curtains drawn and the lights dim. My kids were at school today and I spent the morning working on blog posts and catching up on my Google Reader (I love my reader). I love quite mornings at home!

After picking up the kids and having lunch we settled into playing with some hot wheels (two boys, what can I say) and the phone rang. When I picked up I was really surprised to hear Stacey @ Jazzy Bagels on the other end. She told me "..a women came in today and dropped off a box of books for the book drive".

I was thrilled to hear that someone could be so generous (a whole box of books WOO-HOO!!!!) . With the weather being so icky we decided a trip into town might do us some good! So I packed up the boys and we headed out.

Mason is of course excited for a car ride in any kind of weather!

Maxwell too is always up for any kind of adventure (as long as we are properly dressed).

When we got to Jazzy Bagels, I was so surprised to see not only a huge box of books but all brand new books! Even the boys were surprised to see all the brand new books...

Maxwell asked if the books were for him, and when I reminded him we were collecting books for the kids at the hospital he said (and I quote...) "oh mom... that is so nice!"

I would like to personally thank the donor who is helping us achieve our goals! Your contribution will mean so much to each and every child that touches these books! You must know that!

Mason and Maxwell thank you too! Happy Days!

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