Saturday, January 5, 2008

Project takes off...

I am so thrilled to see the progress we are making on our project! Last week a reporter came out to a playgroup event and talked to us about doing a piece in the Oregonian next week.

On top of that we dropped a drop box at Jazzy Bagel's in downtown Gresham, Oregon. The neat thing about the bagel shop is they were helpful to our cause back in 2005 when we did the Walk for Nina. That walk was focused on raising funds for FARF and getting the word out about this disease.

I hope to have some new totals for the thermometer in the next week! Stay tuned to see our article be published next week!

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MeganS said...

Comments emailed to me from Rachel (Nina's mom)....

Great news, Megan!

A huge thank you to Jazzy Bagels for allowing us to set up a book donation box there. Jazzy Bagels is in a great location--right on Powell and Main Street in downtown Gresham. They are so supportive of the local community and this is just one more example. So when you go to drop off your books, buy one (or a dozen!) of their delicious bagels and thank them for their support!

Keep your eyes out, everyone, for that Oregonian article. The reporter's guess was that it would be in the paper this Thursaday, January 10th.