Monday, January 21, 2008

Book Update...

It has been almost a week since I posted my last update and I am sorry but it's been a really busy week. We had birthdays (one of which was my sons) and clients and well... life to deal with so I am glad to be back to some sort of calm pace.

I am really happy that things with the drive are going so well. I know we have over 500 books and most of that (well all really) is due to all the wonderful donors we have received from the article in the paper.

Jazzy Bagels has been so awesome. They have just been collecting and calling and collecting and calling to let me know that "my cup runneth over." It's amazing to see how people come together to support out little cause. I am looking forward to next years drive and I think I might have to up the ante to 1,000 books (just to keep things interesting).

I am getting ready to send a note over to Cindy at the hospital to tell her how many boxes we have collected so far. I think she is going to be really surprised and pleased to see what we will have for them.

We added a box today... really the box will be in place on the 11th of February. PLEASE CHECK OUT THE BOX DROP LOCATIONS FOR DETAILS... One of our Mom's from the playgroup is helping up put a box at her daughters school during the book fair week. Yet another opportunity to tell more people about our cause.

Many thank yous to all that have helped us. OUR success is YOUR success!

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