Tuesday, January 8, 2008

55 More Books!!!

I am pleased to report our totals... we have 257 books donated so far! We are 51% toward our goal! Thank you to all that have donated thus far.

Your goals are the road maps that guide you and show you what is possible for your life. -Les Brown -----------------------------------------------------------

Q: What type of books are you accepting?

A: New or gently used board books, no chapter books please.

To give a little more clarification, we accept all children's books that are NEW or gently used condition.

Q: What does "gently used" mean?
A: Any book that is intact with no torn, (or books that are gnawed on if you are in my family) ripped, scribbled on pages... you get the drift.

The important thing to think about is that we would like our focus to be on young children's books which fits the board book category. Of course if you have a few standard story books they will be gladly accepted.

Chapter books can be difficult due to topic and well... length. Most books are there to fill short gaps of time for the children and their families while in the waiting room or recovery. If you have a few young teen chapter books... they will not be turned away, we just don't want our focus to be about chapter books.

Pictures are always more entertaining for kids! Do you have any questions you would like to see posted?

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