Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Boxes Almost Ready... Am I?

Well, yesterday we had such a fun day painting all the boxes we are going to use for drop box sites. All of the kids in our playgroup (well not all... that would have been scary to have all 25+ in my house) came and painted the boxes. I am bummed we didn't take pictures of the kids painting.. but that would have meant you would see the condition of my garage....

We have secured two (maybe three) sites so far to place drop boxes (see the list for details).

I am so pleased to see how this program is unfolding. Friends and family just willing to do what we can to make it happen... I love it! This is all for our friend... in memory of her! It's ironic the timing in this little project of mine... we are so close to thanksgiving and I am always reminded to reflect on the things that I am grateful for. Here is my list as of today.

I, Megan Spears am grateful for:
  1. My faith, that has never failed me.
  2. My husband, who has completed me.
  3. My family, that has stood beside me.
  4. My kids, that have taught me so many things.
  5. My health, which has allowed me to keep up with my kids...
  6. My friends, who have made me laugh.
  7. Tenacity, that has allowed me to pursue, pursue, pursue.
  8. Humor, life wouldn't be fun without laughing at yourself.
  9. Joy, without joy... what is there?
  10. Chocolate... what else is there... wait, I already said that. Chocolate speaks for itself.
  11. For You! All the readers who read my Disorder2Order blog, Online Organizing Blog and this beautiful story of a girl who loved books!
Happy Thanksgiving to all. May you spend the holiday with those that you love, surrounded by happy hearts and full bellies!